What Made Me Believe and Other Thoughts

What Made Me Believe and Other Thoughts

Psychic-Intuitive Q&A

I sometimes like go onto Quora and Reddit and answer questions that relate to the work I do. The following are three of the answers I've given recently about psychic-intuitive abilities and how to train them.


Can a psychic medium give an accurate reading over the phone?

My Answer:

Yes, absolutely.

Different psychics may require different levels of contact and information to connect to a subject, but for the most part this shouldn’t be a problem.

Psychics are not looking at the physical you to get the information. They are tuning in to your energy or to spirit.

I do readings in-person, by video chat and over the phone. I also do readings online where I never see the person I’m reading. it doesn’t affect my ability to tune into the person.

I do, however, find that is makes a difference to experience of the reading. The rapport is different when you are in-person. There is more of a sense of intimacy and it’s in many ways a more complete experience. The reading might not be better or more accurate, but it can be nicer in certain ways.


What is the definition of psychic abilities? Do I have any psychic abilities?

My Answer:

Psychic abilities are any abilities to receive information or perform actions through channels not perceptible to the five senses.

Do you have any psychic abilities? I’ll answer this question in two ways.

First, I can tell you how to explore this question for yourself. Spend time relaxing into your body and feeling what you feel without trying to make meaning of it. Just relax and notice. Your inner world is where psychic information will appear. The more time you spend just becoming aware of what you feel and sense the more tuned in you will be to that kind of information.

The key is to allow sensations and feelings to form into meaningful information without mentally or consciously creating that information. If you practice just noticing and allowing, you will start to receive.

The second way I’ll answer this question is to tune into you, the querent, since you asked about yourself. I can tell you that you have a fairly elaborate imaginative world, but you also tend to question everything. For you, psychic information is likely to come in the form of semi-feeling imagery that may even border on the abstract. The temptation is for you to question or try make a meaning before you’ve allowed this to form into information. Try making it a game where you stay in the flow of your imagination, allowing without attaching or trying to understand. I think the flow of your imagination will then start to settle into senses of knowing. This feels to me like one of the easiest ways for you to tune into your own psychic abilities. For another person, the most immediate path might be different.

Join me on zoom to ask your questions about psychic-intuition and how to develop it.


What made you believe psychics can actually be psychic?

My Answer:

I went to a psychic on a trip to Vancouver, and as soon as I walked in, he seemed to know about things that were in my head that I’ve never spoken about. This was enough to pique my curiosity and I went back three days later for another reading.

He was confused about why I was there. "I just read for you," he said. Then he looked at me and said, "I think you can do this."

He taught me how to hold my hand over a picture close my eyes meditate and see images. He was very encouraging, but I was still doubtful.

I was a hard skeptic. It took me several years of practising with consistent results to be convinced. But when I would hold my hand over an image, the pictures I would see in my mind would constantly turn out to be obscure and specific objects from the persons life. After that, I developed my gift to be able to read any person and describe their inner world in detail.

To be honest, I still struggle a bit with excepting psychic abilities, but they are as reliable a way of navigating the world as my five senses, and that is what has convinced me that they are real.