Welcome to The Enchanted Living Circle!

Welcome to The Enchanted Living Circle!

This site is an ongoing exploration of my experiences with and thoughts about intuition, psychic readings, creativity and more

About Me

My name is Gada. I am a psychic-intuitive and writer who specializes in reading and understanding people.

I was raised a skeptic, so it was quite the process to get to this point and I like to think carefully about this work. For this reason, this site contains a lot of in-depth exploration.

I also offer in-depth personal readings and I train people to tap into their own psychic-intuitive gifts.

Work with Me

Looking for insight into a relationship or situation?

Book a session to get me to read what's going on under the surface for you and how to best move forward.

Here is my website link to book a reading with me:

I also offer specialized readings to help you understand your intuitive gifts: https://www.gadajaneintuitive.com/products/intuitive-gifts-assessment

And I offer readings to explore your sense of purpose in life:

Or maybe you want to develop your own psychic-intuitive gifts? I work with people one-on-one to do exactly this:

I also offer a self-guided online course to develop your own Intuitive Practice:

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me at hello@gadajaneintuitive.com

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