How to Tell Whose Feelings You are Feeling

How to Tell Whose Feelings You are Feeling

A Guide for Empaths

When you feel other people’s feeling as an empath, they might just feel like feelings you are having. But unlike feelings that belong to you, they aren’t giving you information about your responses to the world. They’re just giving you information about other peoples feelings. So you should treat them differently.

If you are feeling something and aren't sure why, the first thing to do is determine whether the feeling belongs to you or not. You can do this, just by noticing what you feel.

What to Notice


1. Notice if the feeling is connected to your body. Your own feelings will often feel like they are linked to or flowing from you in a deeper or more substantial way than other peoples feelings. In fact, other peoples feelings might feel connected to other people and just floating in your energy.


2. Feelings have form. Your feelings probably have certain familiar shapes, paces or structures. If something feels erratic, like it comes out of nowhere or unfamiliar. It may be something you are picking up from someone else.


3. if you notice the feeling and pay attention to what else comes, you may even get direct information about where this feeling is coming from. If it’s your feeling, it will most likely have a source or a reason that is connected to you.

Try these techniques and see if they help you get clarity. And if you have your own techniques, share them in the comments below!