What is a Find Your Purpose Reading?

What is a Find Your Purpose Reading?

A find your purpose reading is one of the more structured readings that I offer. I start by reading what I sense at your core. Exactly what I sense there will depend on the person, but essentially I’m tuning into this combination of what drives you and what feels most like you as a person. This is something I literally read directly from the centre of your energy.

Then I shift gears and tell you what I sense about your calling. Your calling is what you are pulled to do or called toward from outside yourself. I don’t mean what your friends, family or teachers want you to be, I’m talking about a higher pull that draws you into the world in certain ways. It’s the divine pull, or highest opportunity to manifest your purpose in your life. I read this from the energy around you. This might be something you feel pulled to express or share, or a way of giving service, or forging connections with others.  It really depends on the person.

If purpose is how you roll into the world, calling is the path you express that purpose through. By describing what I sense in the energy I can give you this articulation of how you naturally want to unfold in the world.

Ideally we get to live our lives at the intersection of calling and purpose, but our relationship to these more abstract senses of who we are and how we should be in the world are really shaped by our lives and circumstances. So in a Find Your Purpose reading, I then go on to  put your purpose and calling  into context. I read how you function and process. Your struggles what challenges you and motivates you.  I tune into what excited you as a child and what excites you now. The  experiences that have shaped you, the skills you’ve developed as well as false ideas about who you are that you’ve absorbed from the outside world. We talk about how your life experiences have affected you and shaped your relationship to your sense of purpose.

This process takes about 90 minutes and in the end you will have a whole new level of insight into how you function, what’s truly important to you and how to go forward, living a more purpose-driven life.