The Problem with Psychic Readings and Other Thoughts

The Problem with Psychic Readings and Other Thoughts

Psychic-Intuitive Q&A

I sometimes like go onto Quora and Reddit and answer questions that relate to the work I do. The following are three of the answers I've given recently about psychic-intuitive abilities and how to train them.


When does intuition become a psychic ability?

My Answer:

I would make the distinction in two ways, but, first of all, it’s important to understand the definitions of each word.

Intuition is defined as any form of information with unseen origins. This means that intuition is anything you know without being able to see the path that information travelled to get to you. This is distinct from sensory information because with sensory information, you know that you have gotten the information from the exterior world through your five physical senses. It’s also distinct from information that is derived rationally. A rational process involves laying out the steps so that you can see how one point or idea leads to the next. Intuition is something that appears with out any such visible, traceable origins.

Psychic information is inherently related to intuition because the definition of psychic information is information that you draw without using the five physical senses. That said, they are not the same thing precisely. This is where I make the distinction in two separate ways.

On the one hand, you can think of intuition as the general category of information with unseen origins and psychic information as a specific category.

But there are also specific processes that are called intuition. These tend to be ones that give you general information about situations, people, and yourself. Some so-called intuitive processes are also learned pattern recognition such as expert intuition. For example, the extra fast processing of a chess master who has learned the game over the years.

These intuitive processes are also sub-categories of the larger category of intuition. In general, the distinction between them and psychic abilities is that intuition presents a a gut feeling or inner knowing while psychic information is more like sensory information but without the sense organs involved. But intuition could draw on psychic information to get to the gut feeling, so the line between intuition and psychic processing can get a bit blurry.


How can I improve my psychic abilities?

My Answer:

Three powerful ways to improve your psychic abilities:

  1. Meditate. Most types of meditation will help.
  2. Pay attention to what you feel in your body. Noticing as precisely as possible will tune you in to inner information, which is what psychic information is.
  3. Follow your intuitive inclinations. If you have a strong inner sense that you must do something or that something is right for you, and you try to ignore that you will often find it harder to hear and feel other psychic and intuitive information because you are suppressing your intuitive and psychic channels.

I teach a mindfulness-based approach to psychic development which I call intuitive practice and these are some of the essential techniques I always teach my students.

Join me on zoom to ask your questions about psychic-intuition and how to develop it.


Do you think too many love readings can end up altering the outcome?

Context: In the course of working through a relationship, the OP had many psychic readings and felt like these readings  had messed with their sense of the relationship. They wondered whether too many readings can alter the outcome of a relationship. ( I've paraphrased the original post because this is not my writing to share.)

My Answer:

I feel like this is a larger problem with psychic readings. The area of love just intensifies it. I am a professional psychic, but I often talk to my clients about my ambivalence about using readings to get certainty.

The problem is we often want to use readings about the future to make us feel better about present uncertainty. However, even if the reading is accurate, you still have to live in the present. If the reading tells you a person is coming back, that can make it even harder to live in the in-between. Plus you now have the uncertainty about the reading on top of the uncertainty about the relationship. It can be complicated.

When you want a reading to get you out of a state of loss or uncertainty you are experiencing in the moment by promising future outcomes that you are invested in, then you probably aren't going to get the most out of your reading. I prefer to give readings that illuminate the people involved and help people understand what is going on for the people they are in relationships with.

It seems like getting a reading of an outcome will be comforting, but I think getting a sense of the future is actually a really hard thing to know how to deal with, regardless of whether it's the outcome we want.