Stop Compensating for Your Strengths

Stop Compensating for Your Strengths

Far too often people with amazing magical minds aren't really using the magical parts as a strength. Instead, they are putting a whole lot of energy into trying to be what the world tells them to be.

In a reading, I can feel this. It's like people take information from the outside world, run it through whatever amazing, elaborate processes their minds use and then just dump the magical parts in order to act in simple, comprehensible, expected ways. People want to be correct, right, normal. They don't even realize that they are ignoring what makes them special.

Sometimes in a reading, I can even pinpoint an exact person my subject learned to mimic so that they can bypass their actual brilliance and pretend to be pragmatic and good at life. Perhaps their mother or their brother always seemed to have things figured out so they tried to act like and even think like them. Or maybe they got a bad response when they expressed themselves has a kid. The way my subject saw the world confused people or even annoyed them. So my subject learned to mask themselves.

When we are trying to be good or pretending to be normal like this, two things happen. We feel less fulfilled and the world misses out on our unique gifts.

The beautiful and strange ways you see the world are your gift. Never take your abilities for granted and – to all the magical people out there – stop compensating for your strengths and start using them.