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You can see more of my other readings on my podcast:

predellapodcast - The Predella Project

And read  in-depth about my approach here:

Tracing Reality by Feel
A beat-by-beat account of reading Paltrow and the man suing her. CW: gun violence

The logical reasons for my transition from skeptic to psychic:

5 Skeptical Explanations of Psychic Experience (and How They Fail)
When I was first taught how to do a psychic reading by holding my hand over a picture and describing the images that came into my head, I was doubtful. I’d been a skeptic my whole life and didn’t have any particular interest in changing that position. However,

Past Work

The Dark Space (Short Film)

Writer | Performer

Haus Orpheus (Creative Director)

Performance Direction | Music Videos | Creative Design

Haus Orpheus was a multi-year, multi-disciplinary collaboration with John Orpheus AKA Antonio Michael Downing and other artists. He wrote about this in his recent memoir Saga Boy.

Brand and Styling

Creative Direction of Live Shows

"Jiggy AF" by John Orpheus (Music Video)

The Maple Leaves (Theatrical Production)


John Orpheus is Dead (Short Film)

Writer | Director | Editor

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