My Unique Approach to Psychic Readings

My Unique Approach to Psychic Readings

I tell strangers how their own minds and emotions function. I describe to people how they internally process the way someone else might describe facial features or clothing.I can do this for people I know, strangers, or people I’ve not even met. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it does. I generally refer to this work as being a “psychic intuitive” but it’s a very specific thing that I do. It’s descriptive. It's versatile. It's about reading the picture of the situation energetically and carefully putting that into words.

“You draw other people’s emotions into your chest and hold them there until you’ve processed them,” I might say. Or I’ll describe the person’s specific special relationship with trees or with space. It’s as nuanced as something like “even though space is really central for you, you feel completely disconnected and lost when moving between spaces. Then you notice every detail once you are at rest in one location.” I give language to the strange abstractions of other people's inner worlds. It’s also historical. I can tell people “you used to let the emotions sit there but then you learned how to process them through you and release.” Or “you taught yourself to mimic your mother’s efficiency with tasks by watching her do things and mimicking." I tell people the stories of their own becoming.

By describing my experience of their energy, I can tell my subjects a story about how they learned to be in the world and how this is affecting their work, relationships, feelings of fulfillment, and so on. I can help people see how they may be working against their own natural preferences and abilities as well as help them to recognize what they see and pick up on as they move through the world that other people don’t.

I bring the inner processes they take for granted to the surface and help people understand how these processes shape their lives. For example, the client who was trying to be as “efficient” as her mother had taught herself to mimic her mother superficially. What she didn’t realize was that her mother really functioned like that. Her mother processed the world by taking in material, tangible information and efficiently arranging it into steps. This was natural for her.

Meanwhile, my subject had a more amorphous and abstract visual processing style. The result was that, as I sat with her I could feel her pretending to be fast and pragmatic, but because she actually have this rich deep visual inner process which information had to flow through to get processed, it was like she was dragging her “heavy” processing along with her. Instead of being a gift that allowed her to see the world in a really beautiful way, it was like a weight getting in the way of the efficiency she demanded of herself.

Perhaps this is a strange way to perceive a person, but this is the kind of strange, wonderful conversation I get to have all the time with people. It might sound weird or even totally made up, but it’s simply what I naturally pick up about people and when I describe how someone thinks and feels, they recognize their own experience. They feel seen. The comment I most often hear is “I know that about myself, but I have never put it into words before.”I love doing readings because I get to help people understand themselves better but also because readings are the one place where I get to really talk about the strange, wonderful, and extraordinarily nuanced ways I understand other humans. I love describing people’s inner worlds, but you really only get to do that when you are specifically invited to.