What to Expect from Intuitive Practice

What to Expect from Intuitive Practice

Welcome to Intuitive Practice!

This course is a guided framework to help you explore your own intuitive gifts and abilities. It’s all about getting out of your own way, connecting to your inner experience and getting to know your own intuitive process.

Everyone has their own intuitive language. Just like a chef might be super sensitive to flavour and smell while a decorator might naturally perceive slight differences in colour, people can be more and less sensitive to different kinds of psychic and intuitive information and it can present differently.

Everything that we perceive, think, feel, notice is all taking place within our inner world. From physical sensation to psychic insights there’s so much happening in there, so we start by just paying attention to it all. By teaching you to work with this process, this course will help you understand what the things you notice, feel, and think are trying to tell you. What that feels like for you is part of what we will discover!

How it Works

In this course I will guide you to a deeper relationship with your own intuition and intuitive language simply by tuning into, carefully noticing, and precisely describing what happens inside your inner world. This is called intuitive practice.

We don’t have to create intuitive or psychic experiences, we just have to pay attention and allow them to reveal themselves to us. Working with intuition is about finding your own natural flow so it’s most effective to start with what comes naturally and then expand from there.

Intuitive practice is related to and complementary to other meditative and spiritual practices, but it is a specific program with specific aims. It’s about making sense of the feeling and sensations inside of you.

Over the next 7 weeks you will:

  • learn to notice and describe what you sense and feel.
  • learn to allow these sensations and experiences to reveal what they mean.
  • practice allowing understanding to come naturally rather than straining for answers
  • learn to test and trust your insights

Your natural intuitive gifts will have their own tendencies and frequencies. These will emerge on their own. The process we will use is simple and quite natural, but there are a lot of ways we can get in our own way, often because we want to control the process or want to consciously understand too quickly. We are going to be seeking that sweet spot where testing and trusting flow naturally.

As you work through the material, if there is anything you are confused about or experiences that you want to discuss feel free to send me an email at hello@gadajaneintuitive.com.