How I Use Quick Intuitive Readings to Get Clarity in my Life

How I Use Quick Intuitive Readings to Get Clarity in my Life

So often I find there’s one situation at the front of my mind, preoccupying me. It might be something simple but that doesn't make it easier to know what to do about. There's just this annoying question about what is going on or what to expect. For example if someone starts acting differently towards me and I don’t know why. Or if I have an important even coming up and I'm nervous about what to expect. In situations like this, most people just want a little clarity.

In my own life, I like to do a very quick intuitive reading for myself when I’m unsure about something. I use my reading skills to feel out the situation and decide how to approach it. I’m constantly doing mini-readings for myself. It’s like peeling back the layers of a situation to see beyond what is immediately apparent.

For example, if I’m waiting to hear back from someone and trying to decide whether to follow-up or just wait, I like to check-in on the other person’s energy and also read how different options feel and are likely to play out.

These quick reads are a lifesaver for me, which is why I offer them to my clients. Sometimes you don’t need a full hour-long reading, you just need a quick check-in on something. This is what a quick psychic reading is for.

You can also learn to do this for yourself by practicing tuning into what you feel and sense about the situation. The key is to be detached and just notice. It can be hard to get a clear intuitive read on something when you are emotionally invested. For this reason, I prefer to do blind intuitive readings for myself, meaning that I answer multiple questions at once without knowing which one I'm answering.

You can try my process by following along with this video:

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