Keep seeing a certain animal or number combination and want to know what it means?

There is a lot of stuff in the world and not everything you see has a deep a significant meaning, but when something keeps showing up or triggers a resonant feeling it‘s common to start wondering what the experience might be able to tell you.

There are many resources available to help you interpret angel numbers, animal symbolism, and more, however many people get stuck trying to translate or make sense of these things in too direct a way.

It’s helpful to think of signs and symbols as part of you broader inner, intuitive language. What you notice is one way your intuition brings things to your attention and everyone’s intuitive language is a bit different. So the best way to make sense of signs and symbols is to allow your intuition to do the work.

To find out what a sign means, you can follow an intuitive process of allowing it’s meaning to reveal itself to you By simply, relaxing and noticing what associations and feelings come. This will allow you to discern not just what a sign could mean but what it does mean, to you in this specific moment.

So, read on for an intuitive approach to figuring out what signs you are receiving from the universe.

Pay Attention to Sensation

Start by noticing what you feel and where in your body you feel it. This is the most powerful step you can take to determine what this symbol is showing up to tell you in the moment.

Did you feel any sensation of resonance or recognition?

Recall what were you thinking about before when you saw it? Had you asked for any guidance?

The sensations you feel can be as information as the sign itself. It is helpful to notice without judgement. It’s also helpful to record what you notice so you can come back to it later.

Research the Symbolism

From books to websites, there are numerous resources available to research the sign or number that has been coming up for you.

You can use a book about Angel numbers, and encyclopedia of symbols, or go searching online. Using the search terms “spiritual meaning of” or “symbolic meaning of” your symbol will bring back a range of options. Choose one you feel drawn to.

As you look into the symbolism, don’t just read or listen with your mind. Notice what you feel in your body. Do you feel anything? Do any associations come up? Feel for resonance and let this inform you.

Ask it to Come Back

Remember, you can talk back to the universe. You can ask for clarification.
If you are unsure if something is a “sign,” just assume nothing and ask for it to come back if it’s important. Be ready to notice what comes up for you if/when it does come up again.


Often when we feel confused it’s because we want something to happen or are attached to a meaning. When you are relaxed, receptive, and detached from the outcome, you will find yourself more clear and able to understand the meaning behind the message.

Instead of trying to interpret or make it make sense, just relax and see what you feel. The more relaxed you are, the more clarity you are likely to feel.

Trust What Comes

In any intuitive process, it’s important to simply trust that what comes through its part of the process. Don’t second guess yourself or dismiss what you feel.

Of course, you don’t want to latch onto a rigid interpretation too quickly either. Just stay open and trust the process. This is your own intuitive language, so just relax and let it guide you to what you need to know.

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