Predella Podcast Live Readings Episode 1

Predella Podcast Live Readings Episode 1


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The Predella Podcast Live Readings Episode 1

Gada: Hello and welcome to the Predella Project Live readings. My name is Gada Jane and I'm a psychic intuitive, and I'm here to tune into people's questions and let them know what I sense about the situations in their lives and about them. So here's how this works. I've been doing live readings like this for a while on Facebook and Instagram, but this is the first episode that I'm doing in a podcast format.

When I do a reading, I just tune directly into the person and I let them know what I sense and what I feel. And the way that it works is people ask me for a general reading and then I just tune into them, or they ask me a specific question, or they ask me to read an area of their lives. And I just basically tune my gift [00:01:00] into that area, into the question, and I describe what I feel and sense.

So in this session, I'll be switching back and forth between questions that came in by email and ones that are coming from people in the room. If you are here in the room, you can just let me know in the comments that you wanna ask a question. And in the future if you want to join, be part of this podcast, you can just email me a question at hello at gada jane

So let's get started with the first question. And this question came in by email. So this question is about teaching and the person asks. The question goes, my question is about teaching and whether I should be putting more energy into what I'm building myself or whether I should be looking at working with other more already established places and systems.

And the way that this works is I just settle in tune into what I [00:02:00] sense, and then I describe from there. And I'm doing all of these readings live and as I go, I haven't pre-prepared the readings. I just copied and pasted the questions that came in into a document, and I'm going to run through them as we talk.

So the first thing I sense about this subject is an anxiety and a stuckness. So, To me, it feels like actually both of those options are quite positive, but there's something that is feeling stuck inside of you, and I think that's a sense that there's not a lot of potential here, or that you're not believing in the potential, so you're not actually putting [00:03:00] the energy into doing things that will help this teaching work grow. And it's almost like you're kind of clenching in, like in the sort of front of your chest, solar plexus area. There's a sense of this clenching and holding. And the reason I say that I think it would make sense to do both is that I feel like you've built something, and that's what you're trying to grow. But the way to grow that is going to be to work with others. But that's not the same thing as saying. Like go into these spaces that don't belong to you. Like go into a place that would hire you to teach whatever it is you are teaching. I would say it's more like make contact with people, build a network and use [00:04:00] that, use collaboration at this point with people who are more established and also people who are at the same level of establishment that you are.

Use these. Channels to start to grow yourself and feed what you've already built. That's what I'm sensing about this. Okay, so I'm gonna go to the next question, which is somebody in the room, and this is going to be Abigail, so I'm going to bring Abigail on now,

hello. I'm here. Oh, okay. Great. The question that I have is, I've been thinking to do about doing a come to me spell by another reader.

What does this spell do? If I were to do the spell, will it work out like I want or will it backfire? Whatever you sense about it will be helpful. Okay. So do you want me to just jump in and read what I sense and then you can [00:05:00] add questions as we go?

Guest: Yes, that'll be good.

Gada: Okay. I don't have a great feeling about the spell. A couple things. So first of all, I feel like the person who does the spell. I don't know this person or who you're speaking about but I have the sense that it's a little bit I wanna say narrow in how it would treat this circumstance. Like it's a very kind of linear spell, but your situation with this person is really quite complicated.

And the reason that feels like a problem is that it feels like it's directly about like coming and like there I could have the sense that maybe it could be effective but I don't have the sense that it's going to be effective to actually like resolve the sort of overall confusion in your situation.

Does that make sense?

Guest: [00:06:00] Yes it does.

Gada: Yeah.

Guest: Well, what do you mean by when you say like you feel it? It can be linear.

Gada: It can, yeah, linear. That, that's so weird. I mean, literally, cuz what I describe is like the images that I'm feeling. So when I say it could be linear, I really mean like, it's like when I sense your situation, there's a kind of confusion on your side and there's a kind of like way that this person's taking up a lot of space for you.. Like he sort of has a lot of like disordered energy like he doesn't have a lot of clarity about what's going on for him, or, and that's why it's confusing for you because he's kind of disordered in like his plans for his life.

, it's like a kind of complex set of things, which we could go into the details of. But with this, when I say the spell is linear, what I mean is that it's like when it feels, it's like it goes in with this line and just sort of like does [00:07:00] a specific thing to pull a connection to you.

But the problem with that is that there's no there's no resolution or like con clarity that comes from that. So I feel like what you would get is like a connection without the clarity or the resolution and so it would be probably short term and also not clarifying.

Guest: Oh, okay.

So it'll pull 'em to me, but it won't last.

Gada: Yeah, and I don't think it will get you what you want in terms of like the kind of clear commitment and clarity about what he feels.

Guest 2: I was hoping like like if I were to do the spell, I was hoping like a relationship will maybe happen. Do you sense that or?

Gada: I have more of the sense of like him sort of coming to you confused, like he feels like he should, but he's actually not ready to. So I could feel, I could sense him [00:08:00] being potentially affected by the spell . But I don't think he's going to be ready for that relationship either way or ready to even clarify the situation for you or clarify his feelings.

I think it would kind of add to the confusion because he wouldn't know why he's taking these actions.

Guest: Oh,

okay. So that's basically how it really, so that's basically how it'll backfire. Like it'd be a lot of confusion.

Gada: Yes. I feel like it would be confusing for both of both of you, because you would want him to know what he's coming for and to actually like connect to you. Right. That would be the goal. But he would be confused.

He might feel like, oh, I feel this sense that I should go and do this, but he doesn't know why. So it's not driven by anything.

Guest: Well, may I ask one more question? Sure. Yeah. It's based on this I, [00:09:00] I really like for the longest, even before I even became pregnant.

Gada: Yeah.

Guest: I've been wanting a relationship with him.

Gada: Yeah.

Guest: And he's came to me I think like twice and brought it up to me. But the both times that he did, I kind of curved him because I, I, I really didn't want him at the time cause I felt like he was trying to use me for things.

Gada: Yes.

Guest: But I was going to ask like, do you sense a relationship with me and him in the future or soon, or do you sense a relationship with me and him at all? Is it possible?

Gada: So I, I don't think it's said in the question, but this is the father of your child that we're talking about. Yes. That's why you're talking about being pregnant.

Guest: And we were never together,

Gada: so. Right. Yeah. I feel like, first of all, when he came to you, I, that feels sincere to me.

That feels like he was. Trying to ground what was between you into something that [00:10:00] felt grounded for him. I feel like right now he feels overwhelmed by like all the changes that have happened in his life with the baby. Also, like the sh the, he feels like he doesn't quite know what to do with his.

Sense of you somehow. Like it feels unsettled and unformed and he feels just like I can't quite get grounded right now. So that makes it difficult for right now to go into a relationship. But what I do feel about a relationship is that there's potential if you lead it, but later. So it doesn't feel like he's, it feels like he's gonna stay in a position of getting kind of, of being sort of like, I don't know what I want.

And then when you feel like you're in an established place, [00:11:00] I think this would have to come from a place of you feeling like very strong and grounded. And that feels like something that like maybe you have to get to.

Guest: Well, okay. I'm kind of confused about that part. What do you mean?

Gada: It feels like when you feel stable, more stable and more clear about what's going on for you, you could actually speak to him almost from a position of this is, I know what I want, and I feel very clear. It feels, it feels like you can actually meet him where he is in a way that can clarify your, and it does feel like there's, could be a connection there, but that feels like it takes some time for you to get, like from where you are, reaching for the relationship to feel more secure and like you're clear about what's going on is not the best idea.

Guest: So right now it's not the best idea due to me being stressed.

Gada: Yeah, not just stressed, but I [00:12:00] feel like not sure what you're doing next in your life, like it feels like there's a level of uncertainty about what you want and what you are doing to set up your life. Like in terms of how you take care of yourself, what you're doing day to day.

It feels like there's a level of uncertainty that you're facing.

Guest: Okay. I, I think I got it. So once I get all that situated, I can communicate better, is what you're saying?

Gada: Yeah. You can communicate better with like a clear picture of your life and what y and what's going on for you.

Guest: Oh, okay. That makes sense.

Gada: Okay, great. Thank you so much for being


Okay, thank you. Okay. So I'm gonna do one more question. From that I received my email, and then I think Shaquana has a question, So I'm gonna go to this question that came in [00:13:00]by email, and the question is, should I be expecting any drastic changes in my business?


the first thing I sense about this is that there's almost like a, a wall here,

like something about the way that you are approaching doing your business. Or the people, the clients you're approaching, it does feel like it might be the clients that you are approaching is like, it's co, it's a wall. You cannot break through to a new level continuing in this direction. That said, I feel like there's almost. A way that you will reorganize in the next few months and like [00:14:00] find either clients or collaborators that create kind of like a constant flow. So it feels like

Instead of trying to push against like something that, like some wall that you're pushing against, which feels like it's related to these, like cli the, the specific clients you're trying to reach or how you're trying to communicate with them. You are so much better. Like it's much, much easier for you.

To be doing things like with people that you know and that you build like established relationships with and, and this may be a matter of like moving a lot more. Offline if that's a factor. And like building collaborations where you have almost like multifaceted collaborations ongoing. So you like [00:15:00] set up a series of relationships that have this kind of like ongoing flow.

Yeah, maybe like finding significant clients that have a stream of work that feels like where you would get this flow. But there's something about the way that you're approaching connecting to clients now that feels a bit blocked, like a wall that you can't quite get the rapport with. But as you kind of shift, and it feels like this is sort, sort of already in progress, as you shift to these organizations and these relationships to structure the work you're doing, it just becomes easier because it's consistent and it's based on people, which fits you like, it feels like you understand the actual interactions with individual people. You can do that, but there's something about like, how do you build, like the idea of building in a certain direction that feels almost [00:16:00] disconnected from people, but you feel you have to do it that way and you don't have to do it that way.

Okay, so I'm going to bring up Shaquana next.

Guest 2: Hi Gada, how are you?

Gada: Hi. I'm doing well. Good. You?

Guest 2: I'm good, I'm good.

I have a question. Okay. Regarding how does K feel about me and our relationship.

Gada: Okay. So that's k?

Guest 2: Yes.

Gada: Let me see what I sense. I like these questions that are like, what does someone feel about me?

. I enjoy reading people and their feelings and relationships. It's a fun kind of reading. Okay. So let me see what I sense.

There's a bit like,[00:17:00]

He's, he's kind of stubborn and I feel like, I can see why you would find him hard to read because there's a way that he is like stubbornly fixed. Like there's this attention that he gives you, but at the same time, he sort of like retreats, like he sort of pulls back. But he's very like, present. Like he's not pulling away exactly.

Like he's not trying to get away from you, but he's almost like retreating into himself. I think he feels that you are like a very strong person and he's both drawn to that, but also feels a bit like. I don't know if it's that he doesn't like nervous about it or that, like, I don't know if I'm ready for that because he's, it feels like, so [00:18:00]he feels very stubborn to me, but also like he doesn't express things.

So like when he expresses his stubbornness, he's just like, sort of doesn't say anything. Is that, is that right? Like he sort of like wants things to be his way, but then he just sort of doesn't express himself somehow. Is that right?

Guest 2: That is so

accurate. Yes. That is very much

accurate. Yes.

Gada: Yeah. Yeah. So I have the sense that this is the thing is that you express a lot. And you're, you're very clear, like you are very direct and very clear.

And I think for him, he, he does this thing where he says kind of like, well, I don't wanna have to argue, so I'm not gonna say anything.

Guest 2: Yeah.

Gada: He also doesn't wanna go along with things. So it's an interesting thing where he, it does feel like he's drawn to you.

Like he's not, he's not pulling away, like he's not trying to get away from you. He's not like stepping [00:19:00]back from you. He's very like, okay, there's something interesting here, but he does not know a little bit like, well, I don't know what I think about that. And some of that is just that he doesn't wanna have to like express himself.

Like he doesn't wanna have to say things. And you are a very like clear, strong-willed person. So either you go along, sorry, what were you saying?

Guest 2: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Gada: So either way he would have to go along with you, he feels, or he would have to argue with you, and he hates both of those things. But he likes, he's drawn to you and I think he's drawn to you partly because you challenge this sort of dynamic within him.

Does that make sense for you?

Guest 2: It does. So like, is this is like a relationship. I know you mentioned that he isn't quite ready, which he did express that [00:20:00]like you're so accurate.

Gada: Mm-hmm.

Guest 2: But is this something that like is in the near future or like will it be that we just remain friends?

Gada: Yeah,

there's something there. He's, he's resistant to the relationship. But it's hard to tell because he's a bit like, I don't think he quite knows how he feels, because it feels like he has, you have some effect on him. Mm-hmm. But he doesn't feel ready to like be in a relationship where he's going to have to, like he, he likes to avoid taking on other people in some way.

Guest 2: Yeah. Yeah.



Gada: Yeah. So I feel like he's like, If I go into a relationship, then I have to be like listening. And I, and I thi I feel like this has to do with like his relationship to his mother [00:21:00] as well. Like I feel like he has this sense of, and I don't know if you know anything about their relationship, but he has this sense of being like, he's strong-willed, but she.

Like he didn't al, he couldn't always express himself. So there's something in that that he's like both really. I think there's a way that you might be a little bit like his mother, which is both like feeling for him, but also he's like, mm, I don't wanna deal with that. He's very like locked up and he doesn't wanna deal with his feelings. Mm-hmm. If he doesn't wanna take responsibility for another person, I could see, like, when I kind of relax in, like is there a response? I feel like there is a response, like a phys physical response, like an attraction there. Okay. But it's interesting because when he goes into his attraction space, he actually is a little bit more passive than he thinks of himself being like, I, I don't think he actually minds being led by a woman.

He just [00:22:00] thinks he minds it.

Guest 2: Mmmm, okay,

Gada: so there's something interesting about that. I feel like there's, there's definitely space to explore something here. And I would say that one thing that might be helpful for him is to give him a lot of periods, like if you're speaking to him, give him a lot of periods of silence because it can take

Guest 2: mm-hmm.

Gada: Time to express, like time to get the words out.

Guest 2: Mm-hmm.

Gada: And it, because words come so much more easily to you, is that right? Like,

Guest 2: yeah. Yes. Mm-hmm.

Gada: Yeah. So I would say like just almost like speak slowly, like give him long pauses to get his words out and then he can actually start expressing himself because I think he's afraid that he's never gonna get able, be able to express himself because you can talk, you can, you can get like three steps ahead of him be while he's still figuring out number one.

Guest 2: Okay.

Okay. [00:23:00] Okay. Now this is helpful cuz I was kinda. I, there was distance, like I don't talk to him as much, but it's like, I know there's something there, but I didn't know how to, how to move forward. Yeah,


Gada: Yeah, it's, and, and it is hard because there is a way he pulls away from you, but also a way he's connected you.

And it's hard to know how that's actually gonna play out. Cuz he actually does like, feel like he's like, ah, and he actually sort of retreats. Yeah. But he also feels like there's a sort of like, but I'm staying put, so it's me. Yeah. And I think that's something to be patient with and to like just explore the dynamic.

Guest 2: Okay.

Gada: But also be aware that. Because he communicates so differently from you. The way that he doesn't say anything, the way that he takes so long to speak, that's not because he doesn't have anything to say. That's because that's how he communicates. That's like if you were that silent, it would mean something completely different than if he's that silent.

Guest 2: Mm-hmm. [00:24:00] Yeah.

Okay. Awesome. Thank you so much.

Gada: You're welcome.

Guest 2: Thanks for being, this is, cool, I kinda like, I like the Facebook, I mean the. Zoom. I like that.

Gada: Yeah, it's nice. It's so nice to hear your voice. Cause I, I've read for you several times, but

Guest 2: mm-hmm.

Gada: Voice, so this is great.

Thank you for

Guest 2: Awesome. Thank you.

Bye-bye. Bye.

Gada: Okay, so I'm going to go to one last question that came in by email and this question is, I have a lot going on personally in my life right now. What three things can I expect for this summer? Okay, so the way that I'm going to read this question is I'm just going to kind of. Treat it like a general reading of the person for the summer, and I [00:25:00] am going to essentially see what sensations come up and then allow myself to like, Feel.

Feel out what they mean. So the way that I read is that the sensations come up and I sort of allow them to start making sense. And through the associations that come, depending on what I feel about it, I can often start to understand, okay, this is this area of the L of a person's life and this is the scenario.

And it started fleshing out into more Filled out scenarios. And the first thing that is coming up, I think is in your relationship. And this feels like like it's like running into a wall. It's, it's like a sort of point of tension where you can't, it's not like a fight, it's not like you're arguing.

It's more like a sort [00:26:00]of. Realization in you of like what you can and cannot get from the person that you're in a relationship with. And it feels very like, it's like clarifying. It's like, okay. This is this situation, like there is a wall here. To some degree, I'm, I'm getting this clarity that this is a wall that I can't go past or pull something out of, and I feel like that's going to have like a few different effects on you.

One is a real like frustration. But then there's also a settling because I don't think it's like new information. It's not a discovery of something that's like, you didn't know about it. It's just like a, oh. It's almost like [00:27:00] you feel yourself in a new way, in relationship to your relationship, and you feel that the sense, oh, I get it.

It's like you feel. You've been feeling this sense of like stuckness, or Im moveability and something will happen that will make you viscerally understand that the, the Im moveability that you've been frustrated by is not in you. And this ends up being freeing for you because you're able to almost like identify where the feeling is coming from, like leave it where it belongs.

And you end up feeling free and it doesn't feel like actually it disconnects you completely from the relationship where actually like changes that much. It feels like it's more like you come into something, you come up against something and you say, oh, Actually, I'm fine in a way that you kind of knew but didn't realize before.

And then [00:28:00] I feel like, and this is sort of, there's a period of like exploration, like I feel like a lot of your summer is going to have a certain quality of uncertainty. And a certain sense of openness that's like, oh, it could, I could, it could be this, or it could be that. Like it's almost like you're trying to reach for things, reach for people or spaces that you can connect to, but it's gonna be hard to find something that you really feel belongs to you and is right for you.

And I think it won't be until later in the year that you actually start, it's almost like that you get your feet on ground. It's almost like you're running, running, running, but you can't quite hit hard ground. You can't move yourself forward because you're sort of in the air floating a little bit.

And so I think there's a sense of kind of like trying things. Trying things, and not quite finding [00:29:00]like, like something to grab onto.

And this feels like kind of in your personal exploration of your interests,

and then towards the end of the summer,

I have the sense that this might be related to family, but it's almost like there's a serious conversation that you have to have about. Your family like, or someone in your family or a situation that arises in your family and it brings up some things. And this is like I would say, your family, like the family you grew up in, not your family that, like with your partner.

I would say this is the family that you grew up in, like related to Parent, [00:30:00] sibling type family, and there's a sense of like, okay, this is the situation and now there's something we need to deal with. And it's a bit like, oh, okay, there's some stuff that needs to be dealt with. And it almost comes up like, oh, I need to tell you something.

And. Then you kind of have to say, oh, okay, like like now we deal with what you've been told. So I feel like there's kind of these different things, and I almost think that is partly what leads you to be like, okay, let me figure out, like, it kind of grounds you into taking your next steps. Yeah, those are, those are three things, three areas that I'm feeling things in.

Okay. So that's where I'm going to leave it for tonight. I wanna thank everyone who was here. I wanna thank people who sent their questions in,

and yeah, thank you so much for being here.[00:31:00]