How to Practice Intuitive Walking

How to Practice Intuitive Walking

Let’s talk about intuitive walking.

This was the practice that changed my life. I was in Europe, and really just trying to enjoy my vacation. I started walking, and every time I would come to an intersection or a corner, I would look in every direction and then walk in the direction that felt best in my abdomen

For me, the magic was immediate. I learned how to feel what was calling me and what was not I learned how to go, literally in the direction that felt most right and from there I learned how to do that same thing at a broader level in my life.

You can try it too. just go for a walk, and every time you come to a place where you have to make a decision about which way to go, look in every direction, check where you feel in your abdomen, and walk in the direction that feels best.


  1. Go for a walk. If you have limited time, set a timer for half the time you have so you can fully relax, knowing you will get back when you need to.
  2. Stay alert and respond to your environment.
  3. Walk.
  4. When you come to a decision point, look in every direction and notice what you feel in your body. A decision point could, for example, be an intersection or the option to walk through a park.
  5. Decide which way to go by following the feelings in your body. Notice what feels good and walk in that direction.
  6. Do this for as long as you have time for. An hour is ideal.

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