Can My Anxiety Make Other People Anxious and Other Thoughts

Can My Anxiety Make Other People Anxious and Other Thoughts

Psychic-Intuitive Q&A

I sometimes like go onto Quora and Reddit and answer questions that relate to the work I do. The following are three of the answers I've given recently about psychic-intuitive abilities and how to train them.


What is psychic ability, and how does it work and help in normal life?

My Answer:

There are two key points that illuminate what psychic abilities are.

  1. They involve tuning into and receiving information from energies to get information that you couldn’t get through your physical senses based on what is physically present around you.
  2. The information you received psychically appears in your inner world through your psychic/intuitive language.

There are many kinds of psychic abilities and they present in different ways for different people. You can think of it like being tuned to different channels with different communication styles. So one person might find it very easy to pick up information about the inner worlds of other people like I do, while another person might be more deeply connected to nature or the physical world (for example picking up more easily on things like the location of objects).

People will also have different inner languages that might present more visually or more like sensation, or as just senses or knowings.

Keep in mind that these are not either-or things. It’s more like a picture that forms with different emphases or like a constellation that takes on different shapes, depending on the preferences and channels, etc.

How do psychic abilities help you in life? Well, that depends a bit on where your psychic abilities are focused. If you are very tuned into people, you will likely be helped in your social interaction and your relationships. Having more information and being able to intuitively organize and understand the information you’re getting will help you make better decisions and take more into account than you could consciously work with.

As you develop your gifts and come to trust the information you are getting, it becomes like a heightened ability to navigate your life. The specifics of how that can help you depend on your unique constellation of gifts and interests.


People say you are born a psychic. How do you learn to become a psychic, or is it not possible?

My Answer:

I tend to think that people are born with certain proclivities and abilities. In much the same way that certain people might be more physically suited to certain sports than other people. In this sense, yes, people are born more or less psychically inclined perhaps.

However, everyone has access to psychic information and abilities. And even if you are born  very open to these channels, it takes training, practice and staying open to develop and sustain the gift.

As for how to train? There are a few key things you can do.

First of all, adopt a practising of noticing what you feel what you notice and simply allowing yourself to be in that state of awareness. Notice but don’t try to interpret or make it make sense. That state of awareness is where you will begin to feel and sense psychic and intuitive insights. It’s important not to try to interpret them with your conscious, rational mind. Simply notice, detach, allow.

You can practice dropping into this kind of state of awareness and openness through meditation practices. Simple breathwork is effective

Finally, work with energetic opening practices. Practice moving your energy and opening chakras.

I train people to tap into their intuitive and psychic abilities, and these are the basic underlying practises I use to get people started.

Join me on zoom to ask your questions about psychic-intuition and how to develop it.


I'm worried my anxiety makes other people anxious. Can this happen?

My Answer:

This happens. People pick up feelings from other people all the time. That's okay and it's not your fault. It won't happen for everyone. The best thing you can do is focus on helping yourself and learning techniques to deal with your anxiety.

To do this, I would recommend paying attention to when the anxiety shows up and what it seems to want to tell you. Just notice the feelings. Where do you feel it in your body? What associations come along with it? Sometimes anxiety is connected to not listening to what you feel and need at a deeper level.

Also, if your anxiety is coming up around people, you might be picking up their stress or anxiety. If this is happening, it will be helpful to practice telling the difference between your feelings and those of others. Again, just noticing what you feel, seeing what you associate with it and what comes attached to it will be helpful.