5 Weird but Simple Ways to Become More Psychic

5 Weird but Simple Ways to Become More Psychic

There is a lot of confusion and controversy around psychic abilities, but the reality is that psychic and intuitive abilities flow from our own natural ways of processing and receiving the world.

They feel and present a bit different for everyone and sometimes people miss their most natural psychic and intuitive abilities when the try to develop their gifts in the way they think it “should” look.

In practice, working with psychic information is very natural. It’s usually more about allowing more to come and attending than about having to open up previously non-existent abilities.

For example, you may know of the the psychic senses, also known as the "the Clairs.”

  • Clairvoyance means clear seeing and involves seeing visual imagery.
  • Clairaudience means clear hearing and refers to hearing psychic information as words, sounds or music.
  • Clairsentience means clear feeling. It includes feeling emotions and sensations in the body.
  • Clairalience means clear smelling and includes any scent-based insight.
  • Clairgustance means clear tasting and refers to having tastes come through as communication.
  • Claircognizance means clear knowing and it refers to that most classic intuitive experience of simply knowing.

You will notice that each of these maps onto “normal,” everyday ways of knowing the world. They will often even feel similar and one way to connect to them is to become very tuned into the subtleties of the feelings and sensations in your body.

If you want to develop your own psychic abilities there are a few key things you can do to start working with your own natural gifts by simply working with the ways you already perceive the world.

Here are some you can try today:

1. Notice What You Feel

Start by simply paying attention to your own experience. Notice what you feel. Notice even very subtle experiences.

You can use this guided meditation to help you practice just tuning in and allowing yourself to notice what you feel:


If you start by noticing your own experience, you will be more tuned into different cues and open to your own individual intuitive or psychic language. The more connected you are to yourself, the more you will have access to different kinds of inner cues which can both enhance your psychic precision and keep you tuned in to what is good for you and what is not.

To get the benefits of noticing, you don’t have to do anything with what you notice. In fact the more you can just relax and noticing without trying to interpret or make sense of it, the better. When you try to make meaning, it’s easy to add or invent information. The key is to spend time noticing and eventually the sensation and feelings to start make to make sense on their own.

2. Relax

This one is simple, but for people used to staying busy and trying to be productive, it can be very hard to do.

The more you can relax into an open and receptive state, the easier it will be for you to receive and flow with your intuition. There are many ways to do this, from meditation to simply sitting quietly and allowing your body to relax and then relax more. The important thing is not to distract yourself or numb out, but to stay present as you sink into deeper and deeper relaxation.

If you want to practice relaxing, you can try the first lesson from my Introduction to Intuitive Practice course. You’ll learn how to think about relaxation for intuitive development and you can try a guided meditation to help you relax today.

Sample Intuitive Practice Lesson
This is a sample lesson from Introduction to Intuitive Practice, a self-guided online course that teaches a mindfulness-based approached to developing your intuitive gifts.

3. Use Body Checks to Help You Make Decisions

It’s not just our thoughts and emotions that can tell us how we relate to something, even more subtle sensations can be informative.

When you have a decision to make, try checking what you feel all over your body and notice what you feel.

For example, if I am trying to make a decision between two programs of study or two directions I could walk in, I might check what I feel in my abdomen and heart space. If one potential choice feels tense or tight and the other feel open or calming, then I take that information into consideration. Our intuition often communicates through exactly these kinds of subtle signals. If we don’t check, we might miss them.

Intuitive Walking is a great way to practice this skill. Click here to try it.

4. Talk to your Intuition

Your intuition communicated through all kinds of feelings and sensations and the communication goes both ways. You can get intuitive answers by simply simply directing a question to yourself and then allowing the answer to arise naturally.

You can ask anything from “What do I need to say to so-and-so?” to “How can I take better care of my health?” to “What am I missing about such-and-such situation?”

Just ask the question and set an intention to receive the answer in a way that you will understand. Then let it go. You might want to sit quietly or meditate for a few minutes, but don’t try to force an answer. Be open to any form of communication. Just stay open and attentive and let it come to you in it’s own way and in its own time.

5. Stop Avoiding what You Already Know.

It’s important to realize that your intuition will tell you what it wants you to know, not necessarily what you want to know. Once you start connecting, you don’t necessarily get to pick and choose what you want to hear. Psychic and intuitive abilities are part of a whole inner language that communicates through your internal experience. Part of what this means is that if you know something that you don’t want to face, it can make it hard to connect to your intuition and psychic abilities more generally.

A lot of people with natural psychic and intuitive abilities shut them down because they do not want to face the truth about something. For example, for a long time I avoided connecting to my intuition because I knew it would change my life in dramatic ways and I wasn’t ready to deal with that. Sure enough, when I started to get in touch with my intuition, ended up leaving a long-term relationship that I was very attached to. I also had to reconstruct my entire worldview. It was dramatic and fairly disruptive, but it might have been less so if I hadn’t avoided it for so long.

The problem is that avoiding these things doesn’t make them go away. It’s hard to face things we’d rather avoid, but it’s actually easier in the long run. When we face what we know and do the things we know we have to, it’s ultimately freeing.

One way to clear the way to connect with your own psychic and intuitive abilities is to take action on things that feel pressing and scary. You don’t have to do this in an abrupt or disruptive way. Start by just spending some time noticing what you feel. It’s very likely that you already know what you are avoiding and what you want to do about it. So, unless it’s going to cause harm to yourself or others, just do it.


If this approach make sense to you, you might also love my Introduction to Intuitive Practice Course.

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